8 steps to a successful infertility treatment with donor sperm

We are there to assist you in every step of choosing the right sperm donor. There are many aspects to consider, so to make it easy for you, here is your 8-step guide to your treatment.

1 Choose a treatment option

The first step is to decide how and where you prefer to get treated!

A clinic will advise you on treatment methods and do a range of tests on your fertility, hormones, blood and cycle, and perform the insemination at their facility. Make an appointment at your chosen clinic or at your healthcare professional.

If you are in doubt about what method to choose or whom to contact, we are happy to advise. You are welcome to contact us.

2 Choose the right sperm donor

In order to choose the right sperm donor for you, you should find out which characteristics are important to you. Should he share some of you or your partner’s physical characteristic or do you look for a match in personality? Defining these criteria before you start your donor search will be helpful and make your selection easier.

The basic information available directly in the donor search page includes a short description, ethnicity, number of pregnancies, blood type, weight, height, eye colour and hair colour. The full sperm donor profiles are accessible when you create a free login Here you will find extensive information like the sperm donor’s physical appearance, baby photos, personality, family history, hobbies, type of voice, education level etc. All this information can help you get a sense of who the donor is.

You can also choose your donor merely based on the free basic donor profile, which contains limited data. All our sperm donors have a basic and a full profile and undergo the same rigorous testing and assessment.

3 Open or non-contact donor?

In some countries, you can decide whether you prefer an open or a non-contact donor (anonymous donor). When you chose your country of origin and treatment country in the donor search, you will get a notice, if special rules apply.

An open donor is available for meeting with your child, when she or he turns 18. However, your child will never be able to contact a non-contact donor. Read more.

4 ICI, IUI and straws

The straws with donor sperm come in two variations: ICI and IUI

IUI sperm has been washed, whereas ICI holds all of the naturally occurring ejaculate fluid and cells. If you are in doubt about how many or what kind of straw to purchase, we recommend that you ask your clinic or healthcare professional. You are also welcome to contact us for advice.

As a reference, most women buy 3-4 straws at a time.

Please note only a limited number of Pregnancy Slots are available for each donor, and there is also a pregnancy limit for each donor. Therefore, we advise you to discuss with your fertility clinic or medical professional how many treatments you may need in order to reserve the right amount of donor sperm. We also recommend that you think about potential siblings as early as possible, if you want to use the same donor. You are also welcome to contact us for more information on Pregnancy Slots in your country.

If your fertility clinic is not able to store your straws until you need them, enquire about our courtesy hold for a maximum of 30 days or purchase a Parent Storage with us. If you want siblings with the same donor, Parent Storage is always your best option.

5 Select your favourite donors

In our experience, choosing the right sperm donor takes time. We recommend that you pick 3-5 favourite sperm donors, before making a final decision.
This is primarily because only a limited number of pregnancies (or Pregnancy Slots) are available for each donor in each country. So by doing so, you avoid the risk of selecting a sperm donor who is unavailable.

Once you are ready to place your order, remember to check the sperm donor’s availability: If he is sold out, this often just means that there are no donations ready for sale, but that there will be again soon. Please contact us for information about when he is available again.

6 Place your order

Place your final order in four steps:

  1. Check the availability of your donor (see above)
  2. Add the quantity and type of straw (IUI/ICI) to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to book the delivery and inform us of your treatment date.
    Place your order at least 10 business days before your insemination.
    If you have identified your preferred sperm donor, but do not have a treatment date, we offer a free 30-day courtesy hold. Contact us for more information.
    Remember to inform your clinic that a delivery is coming.
  4. Confirm and pay online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Dankort), by invoice or on the phone with your credit card details. Note that confirmed payment is required prior to shipping.
    Read more about ordering and shipping and about prices

7 Your treatment

You are now ready for your treatment and we wish you all the best! We make sure that your straws arrive at the chosen destination on time. The fertility clinic or healthcare professional will notify us of pregnancy and any potential complications during your treatments.

Your sperm donor’s profile will be available for you and your child on your My Page.

8 Plan for siblings

Finally, we recommend that you consider if your child should have siblings by the same donor. Because of the risk of sold-out sperm, we offer you the option of reserving your donor’s sperm in a Parent Storage for future use.

You can also download an easy-to-follow checklist. If you have any questions, at any point, please feel free to contact us.