Trusted quality – today & in the future

As a sperm bank, we find it vital that you have trust in what we do. It is the foundation for giving you a great experience when you work with us.

Our value-driven approach is our commitment to building trust. We are fully aware that sperm banks around the world vary greatly in how they approach the sperm donors, the mothers/couples and the children. To us, it is important to do things right – and to treat people right. We are thinking about the future, and defining how we handle the most important aspects of our business: Donor sperm, service and shipping.

Quality in sperm
  • To increase your chance of a successful treatment, we sell only the optimal sperm count, called MOT20+
  • One thing is sperm count, another equally important aspect is the quality of the donor’s health. Out of 100 applicants, only 5-7 sperm donor applicants make it through our extensive screening process
Quality in service
  • The first thing you will notice when communicating with us is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This truly reflects our approach to the donors, our colleagues and of course, with you
  • To most people, buying donor sperm requires contemplation and thought – and dedicated advice. We take great pride in sharing all relevant information to guide you to the best choice
  • As a customer with us, you will find a seamless process from ordering the sperm to receiving it on time – both for your first and any future children
  • To make you feel comfortable in the process, we make sure that everything we do and everything we say is transparent and uncomplicated
Quality in shipping
  • We have no room for mistakes when packing and shipping donor sperm. Therefore, we have two sets of eyes on every step of the process. Furthermore, we label each shipment with a packing list for the receiver to triple check the information on both the donor and you
  • We use only shipping tanks with nitrogen (dry shippers), which means that your sperm is stored at a consistent temperature for weeks
  • We ship to the entire world
  • Sometimes you may be short on time. We are dedicated to getting your chosen sperm to you when you need it (an express fee may be charged)